About Us:

Moonlight Makes

Built on the crazy idea that creative people should be paid well.

Moonlight Makes was founded on the belief that creativity is an important part of the human experience and should be shared!
When we started our own crafty business, we struggled to find a way to turn our creativity into a real profit. We know how hard it is to put your heart and soul into something, only to receive more compliments than cash. Sometimes it's not enough to cover your time and expenses.
That all changed when we threw our first craft party. We started connecting with our community in a new way, having fun crafting, and making a great profit! 
We've now thrown over 300 successful craft parties and we love what we do. We're excited to help you throw craft parties too.

You deserve to be paid well for your talents!

And the best part about throwing craft parties is...

You will adore your customers and enjoy sharing your love of crafting with them.
You will be invited to teach parties in some pretty cool spaces.
You will get to make your own schedule, plan parties for days and times that work for you, and have control over how much time you spend on craft parties.
We’re grateful to have discovered the joy of teaching craft parties, and we're excited to support you in getting your own business off the ground and flying!



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