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About Moonlight Makes

We are three ladies from Albuquerque, New Mexico who love teaching craft parties!

Before starting Moonlight Makes we had careers in education, non-profit administration, and sales and event coordination.

We dreamed of starting our own business for over a decade before taking the leap.

During our adventure as crafty entrepreneurs, we owned Etsy stores, had booths at craft fairs, and even started our own outdoor art market! For us, none of these ventures created a sustainable income or even a reasonable profit.


Then, one day, the solution came to us.

Our trio was brainstorming new ways to attract customers to the art market we owned (and were losing money on because of the weather… but that is a different story). It was October, so we decided to sell tickets to a Sugar Skull decorating party. We started advertising and were surprised when we sold out the first party with 30 people in just a few days. We added 8 more parties and they all sold out, too!

We knew we were on to something as we watched our guests' eyes light up as they decorated their sugar skulls and took pictures of their creations. We decided to go public and, over time, added to our menu of craft parties.


For 3 years now, we’ve been teaching craft parties regularly in public venues, homes, and office spaces.

As of today, we’ve taught over 300 craft parties!


In addition to making a fair profit...

We adore our customers and enjoy sharing our love of crafting with them.

We've been invited to teach parties in some of the most beautiful spaces in Albuquerque and in surrounding cities.

We get to make our own schedule, plan parties for days and times that work for us, and have control over how much time we spend on this business.

We’re grateful to have discovered the joy of teaching craft parties, and we can’t wait to support you in getting your own business off the ground and flying!

-Michelle, Jessica and Lisa

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