Why Breweries and Restaurants Love to Host Craft Parties

blog venue May 21, 2019

Why Breweries and Restaurants Love to Host Craft Parties

- Michelle

When we first started our craft party business, we wanted to partner with local restaurants and breweries to host our parties. We were super intimidated by the idea of approaching a venue because we didn’t know how they would respond. We were surprised to find that venues were more than happy to work with us, and we’ve never had to pay a venue to use their space!

So why are venues not just willing, but happy to let you host a craft party in their space? Here are the top five reasons:

#1 - Free Advertising

Every time you promote a party, new people are introduced to the host venue. Your venues pay nothing for the increased visibility and they get great press!

#2 - Repeat Business

Did you know that once a customer enters an establishment, they have a 60% chance of returning? Compare that to a new customer that has a 10% chance of coming through the door with traditional advertising. Anytime you bring someone new through the door of a venue, the chances of that person coming back again is huge.

#3 - Something to Talk About

Most venues have followers and fans on their newsletter or social media. When their fans hear that something exciting is going on, they are reminded of how much they love the venue and are more likely to just drop in. This means that your venues will likely see more business leading up to the event.

#4 - The Venue Gets a Pop of Business

Craft parties are best scheduled for off hours, like a Tuesday evening, so that the space you need is not filled with the venue’s existing customers. Your guests will typically order food and drinks, and your venue will appreciate a guaranteed 15 - 30 person group at an otherwise slow time.

#5 - Craft Parties are Fun for Everyone

Craft parties bring a ton of laughter, cheering, and good times. This glow of joy radiates throughout the venue and lasts long after the party is over. Patrons tend to be in a good mood, servers do well, and business thrives.

If you want to partner with local venues to host your craft parties, let this be the encouragement you need! Have confidence that bringing craft parties into their space is exactly what your venues want. 

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