Behind the Scenes of a Craft Party Business

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2019

Behind the Scenes of Your Craft Party Business

- Jessica

You may be wondering what the day to day work looks like for someone who teaches craft parties. It can be a part time gig or a full time commitment depending what works best for you. Whether you choose to host one party a month or six, there are some basic tasks that need to be completed for each party. Here's what my life as a craft party business owner looks like:

I spend most mornings curled up on my couch sipping coffee, sending emails, scheduling Facebook posts, making phone calls, and setting up ticketing for my parties.

Some days, while my kids are with their grandparents, I spend long hours experimenting with new crafts or photographing them and creating marketing content.

I spend a couple afternoons each month checking inventory and ordering supplies. I make sure that everything I need for an event is ordered about 6 weeks ahead of time to allow for possible shipping issues or back-ordered products.

Once the supplies arrive, I spend a day or two organizing and doing any needed prep work for my upcoming parties.

For a new craft or one that I haven’t taught in awhile, I read through my script and teaching process for the party. I like to refresh and to look for things that could be improved, always aiming to create a better experience for my customers.  

A few days before each party, I double check to make sure I'm not missing anything and touch base with the venue, so that they know when to expect me and how many guests I will have.

Finally, my favorite part is teaching the craft party! The day of the party, I arrive at the venue about 90 minutes ahead of time to make sure that I'm ready to seat guests 30 minutes before the party starts. I spend time getting to know my guests and answering any questions they might have. Once the party starts, we all have a great time; there's lots of laughter, and I am always impressed by the creativity of my guests.

After each party, I spend a couple of hours unpacking, organizing my remaining supplies, and taking an inventory.

The best part of owning my own craft party business is that I set a schedule that works for me. Most of my work time is spent in my living room or at a coffee shop, but when I am out at a craft party, that's where the best memories are made!


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