How to Make a Great Profit Teaching Craft Parties

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2019

How to Make a Great Profit Teaching Craft Parties


Raise your hand if you have ever been to an uncomfortable team-building event, baby shower, or party. I know I have! I have to admit that I absolutely dread baby showers. The games are usually awkward and sometimes the guests don’t know each other very well. The guest of honor is often so uncomfortable (because she is very pregnant) that she isn’t having a ton of fun either.

So how do you make baby showers fun? Add a craft! Craft parties are perfect for baby showers. They give guests something fun to do and something fun to talk about with each other and everyone leaves with an awesome party favor. The guest of honor can participate in the fun without having everyone wrap toilet paper around her waist!

As a craft party teacher, your goal should be to book as many private parties as possible. As you grow your business, more energy should be spent on marketing your private parties than your public parties. Why?

Private parties take less time and effort and have a higher profit margin. 

Public craft parties require you to sell each individual ticket. You will need to work with your venue, create social media and newsletter campaigns, spend money on advertising and communicate with potential guests who want to know more before purchasing tickets. You will also need to purchase some of your craft materials before your guests purchase their tickets, leaving you with excess materials. You eliminate all of these factors when you host a private party. 

For private parties, you’ll know exactly how many guests to purchase materials for, and you can take a deposit before making an order. You will usually have only one person to communicate with, and you won’t need to spend time or money on marketing leading up to the party.  

You may be wondering: Why would I do public craft parties at all?

Public craft parties are great for growing your business and a lot of fun! When you host a public party, you are a walking advertisement for your business. Your public parties are a great tool for introducing your business to new customers and giving your guests a great experience. Once someone has attended one of your public parties, they are more likely to think of you when they are planning their next big event. Any time a customer attends one of your public parties, they are likely to think “You know, my 40th birthday is coming up… I should hire them for my party!” Or, “You know, last year’s office holiday party was kind of boring, adding a craft this year would make it way more fun! 

You want to make sure to include lots of reminders about your private parties during your public events. You can include this information on the back of discount coupons in your take-home boxes, talk about private parties when you are wrapping, and have a display at your check in table advertising different occasions (team-building, bridal showers, etc.) that are perfect for your craft parties. 

Remember, public parties lead to private parties, which are vital to making a great profit teaching craft parties!


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