Selling Tickets to Your Craft Party: Prepay is the Only Way

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2019

Selling Tickets to Your Craft Party: Prepay is the Only Way

- Michelle

A lot of businesses in the “Paint and Sip” industry allow customers to sign up without paying for tickets in advance. We’ve heard multiple stories about how frustrating this is from other business owners, and we had similar experiences preparing for way too many guests, hoping that more people would show up at the last minute. This is not something that we do anymore, and we don’t recommend that you do either.

We don’t often reserve seats without a full payment! With all the effort, time and cost that goes into preparing for an event, our business would not be sustainable if we relied on the good intentions of our customers to attend.

If your customer doesn’t purchase tickets in advance, they're more likely to skip the event if they feel tired, are intimidated by trying something new, or they just get sucked into watching cat videos on YouTube! When someone purchases a ticket in advance, they have made a commitment to come, and will only miss it if they really have to.

Don't get me wrong, we are extremely gracious with refunds or date changes when they are needed, but we don’t hold seats without a payment. If an event doesn’t sell out, we will generally pack supplies for an extra 4 people. On occasion, we’ve had more people show up at the door than we were prepared for and we’ve had to turn some people away.

This practice might feel a little weird at first, but it encourages your guests to buy tickets in advance next time. The money and energy you save by not purchasing, preparing, and bringing supplies for customers that don’t show up is well worth it!

*Fun tip: You can create a little grab card to bring to your events for customers that may have to be turned away, giving them a discount on tickets to a future party!  



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