The Art of Seating Guests at Craft Parties

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2019

The Art of Seating Guests at Craft Parties

- Jessica 

Checking in your craft party guests and seating them sounds easy, right? As we discovered early on, seating your guests, especially for sold out events, can be tricky. 

As a guest in your venue’s space, you’ll want to take up only as much space as you need, so that the venue’s regular customers aren’t left without a table. This means you need to fill your space thoughtfully and with as little awkwardness as possible. Here are our top tips for successfully seating your party!

# 1 - Make sure to review your guest list before arranging your tables. If you have a party of ten, you don’t want to set up six-top tables! 

# 2 - Place your check in table so that it’s the very first thing your guests will approach, making it harder for guests to seat themselves. Greet them upon arrival, and make sure to ask how many people are in their party. 

# 3 - You’ll have some guests who are out for a fun night drinking with friends, while others are there for a family night with their kids. Whenever possible, it’s best to seat groups together that are looking for a similar experience. 

# 4 - You may have some guests who need a little more room to be comfortable, and shouldn’t be seated in tight spaces, while others may struggle with bar stools. If you have any barstools, make sure to offer them to every group who looks young and agile until they are full. If the first group declines, keep offering those seats until they are full. You want to ensure that all of your guests are as comfortable as possible.

# 5 - Some of your guests may choose to come to your craft party alone. If possible, try to seat them next to other solo guests or a small friendly group that is similar in age. You can introduce them, so that they are more likely to interact with the single guest. 

# 6 - Fill up each table before moving on the next. If two separate couples show up first, don’t seat them at two separate four-top tables. You may have a group of four come in later that needs the second table. 

# 7 - Finally, people will be tempted to leave a space between themselves and people they don’t know. As you are seating them, tell your guests specifically where they should sit. 

Seating your guests with these tips in mind will set you up for a successful craft party. Occasionally, you will need to ask guests to move from one table to another, or even set an additional table, but if you follow these tips, it won’t happen very often.


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