The Perfect Craft for New Teachers

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2019

The Perfect Craft for New Teachers


Decorating sugar skulls is a fun and inexpensive craft to teach and provides a great learning experience about a timeless tradition.

It is easily the best craft for anyone who is just getting started teaching craft parties. There are so many reasons, but here's my top 10! 


  1. The materials are inexpensive. The total cost of supplies is only a few dollars per guest which is great news if you are just starting your business.


  1. Sugar skull parties are usually only offered in October and the first week of November. This creates a sense of urgency to your customers who will have a limited time to participate each year!


  1. Sugar Skull Decorating is a beautiful tradition. We welcome some of the same families to our Sugar Skull parties year after year, and you will, too!


  1. There are many different traditions surrounding Day of the Dead, and you can to choose which ones you want to focus on at your parties!


  1. Sugar Skull decorating kits are an easy way to make some extra cash. You can sell Sugar Skull take-and-make kits at your parties which your guests can decorate at home or give as gifts! You can sell them at your parties or take orders for them!


  1. Day of the Dead is full of creativity and beauty. You can make your parties more memorable by wearing a flower crown, painting your face, offering traditional treats to your guests, or decorating your space!


  1. You can start with one or two parties and continue to open additional parties as they sell out. Your prep time per person will decrease the more tickets you sell.


  1. The prep work can be done over a 3-5 day period and can be done well in advance or a week before your party. Icing can be made up to a month ahead of time, and the skulls last for years as long as they stay dry!


  1. Sugar skull decorating is a striking craft. With lots of colors and creativity, your customers will be sure to share their pictures on social media, giving you some free publicity!


  1. Anyone can decorate a Sugar Skull! There are no age limitations or artistic skills required. This is truly a craft for anyone.


To make it easy for you to start booking and teaching Sugar Skull parties, we have a special gift for you!  

When you preorder your Sugar Skull Blueprint (now through Sept. 6), we will give you our course “How to Book and Work with Public Venues” free! The course is a $100 value, and will help you take that first step with confidence and will have you working with venues in no time!

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