Why We Said 'No' to Franchising

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2019

Why We Said 'No' to Franchising

-Jessica, Lisa and Michelle

We’ve been teaching craft parties for three years, and our customers keep asking us questions like “How can I work with Moonlight Makes?” “Are you planning to expand?” or “Is this a franchise that I can join?”

Soon after starting this business, we hoped to bring our craft parties to a broader audience. There are several other craft party businesses out there, but we think everyone should be able to attend craft parties regularly, no matter where they live!

A few years ago, we started looking into franchising and licensing. Neither of these options seemed like the right fit. We did the math until we were blue in the face, but still couldn’t find a way to properly support craft party teachers under our brand while allowing them to make the profit they deserve. We’re also not comfortable telling people they’d “own their own business” if they couldn’t actually make the rules or could lose their license for off brand practices.

Aside from that, we believe that being flexible with our business and incorporating local themes into our crafts has been a huge part of our success! A franchise model limits a teacher’s ability to make their own choices. If, for example, you find that everyone in your town is suddenly obsessed with llamas and you want to capture the excitement by making llama terrariums right now, you should be able to do that!

After much thought and research we realized we could support creative entrepreneurs in launching their own independent businesses!

We’ve created tools and resources that will teach you how to launch and how to be successful doing this on your own, but not by yourself. Unlike starting a craft party business where you purchase a license from a big company, we will not own any part of your business; you’ll have complete control! You’ll make the rules, set the hours, and decide which venues you want to work with and which crafts you want to teach. You’ll decide on pricing and promotions that are best for your market and the days and times that are best for your customers.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all way for you to do this, we’ve created several ways that you can learn and grow with us, including Craft Party Blueprints and Business Courses. Our goal is to support you in every stage of your journey and to help you build a successful business in this new and growing industry. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about how we can help and be the first to know when our courses are open!


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